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Program Design

The ten-month program consists of five-graduate courses. Each course is mediated by a knowledgeable faculty member and augmented by visiting lecturers from many fields and professions.

Up to twenty-five professionals will be accepted into the TIRM Graduate Certificate Program. This size provides an optimal balance between diversity of backgrounds and interests, opportunities for interpersonal and creative collaborations. Emphasis is on individual developmental experiences shared with other participants, networked learning, and participant relationships.

The TIRM program is strenuous and demanding however the graduates of the program benefit from an expanded network of colleagues in the ICT industry and enhanced knowledge, skills and abilities in the rapidly changing field.

Prospective Candidates
The TIRM Program is particularly suitable for professionals or students with experience and/or current responsibilities in communication and information technologies and services and have shown leadership or leadership potential in the management of communication and information resources.

Hybrid Learning Formats
The courses are delivered in asynchronous and synchronous modes using interactive video teleconferencing, video streaming, and the Internet.

The hybrid courses enable flexibility for participants to attend class on-campus or from remote locations. Students participating from remote locations require a H.323 video teleconferencing system. All participants require an Internet connection for access to on-line course materials.

Teaching Faculty
The University graduate faculty come from diverse disciplines and are selected on the basis of teaching ability, expertise, commitment to the goals of the Program, and sensitivity to the participants' needs.

TIRM Faculty (TBD)


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